Would you like to know what Nordvalls can do for you?

We are happy to give you a quote for a label solution that suits the needs of your business. In order to give you a good picture of what we can offer, we need certain information from you. For example, we need to know how many copies you want, what the label will be used for, how the label is to be applied to your products and so on. If you would like some help with any of these details, you are always welcome to phone, e-mail or use the contact form you can find here. We are here to help.

Do you know exactly what you are looking for or do you have some idea? We then recommend that you ask for a quote.

Would you like to make a general inquiry about labels or about Nordvalls as supplier? Please use our contact form.

    I am interested in:
    Multi coloured labelsIn Mould LabelsTwo sided labels and multi sided labelsSyringe labelsClear labelsLogistics labelsSecurity labelsAnti-theft labelsSeal labelsTickets / TagsThermal transfer ribbonsOther






    Number of labels / rolls / package:


    On what will the label be placed?

    In which environment will the label be kept?

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      Is it possible to have a material sample sent to me?

      Yes, of course! Send an email to kontakt@nordvalls.se and specify what material or kind of material you wish to have a sample on, together with your name and address.

      I would like to order the same label that I have previously ordered, how should I proceed?

      That is great! Contact our sales department and they will help you out: order@nordvalls.se or +46 10 169 17 00.


      I have an invoice that is not correct, what do I do?

      Send an email to kundreskontra@nordvalls.se. Describe your matter and refer to your invoice and we will help you as soon as possible.

      Can I buy labels as a private person?

      No unfortunately not, we only do B2B.

      Shipping and delivery

      How do I find out the status of my order?

      Contact our sales department and they will help you out order@nordvalls.se or +46 10 169 17 00.

      Claims and returns

      If I have to claim an order, what do I do?

      Contact your closest sales contact or our sales department to report your claim order@nordvalls.se or +46 10 169 17 00. Please send your labels back to us, do not discard them.

      My order was damaged in shipping, what do I do?

      Please check your order at delivery. Notify the driver immediately on the spot if your goods are missing or damaged. Then contact our sales department to correct the order – order@nordvalls.se or +46 10 169 17 00.


      What label material do you offer?

      We have many different materials and adhesives to choose from. Ask the label expert to find out more of what material and adhesive is suitable for your products and area of use.

      What sustainable label materials are there?

      There are many different sustainable label materials available to choose from. Contact our sales department to find out more.


      Do you offer label printing advice?

      Yes we do. Would you like advice or recommendations before your labels go to print? Contact us at order@nordvalls.se.

      What colour code do I use when specifying colour? (e.g.: CMYK, RGB, PMS)


      In what tool do I create my artwork for the label?

      Adobe Illustrator CC 2019, Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, Adobe InDesign CC 2019, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019 or Esko PackEdge 18.


      Is it possible to do a test print of my labels before printing a larger quality?

      Yes, we offer test prints. Contact order@nordvalls.se.

      What different printing techniques do you offer?

      We offer digital- and flexo printing, but also screen printing.

      How do the printing techniques differ?

      It depends on the quantity and requirements for your label which printing technique suits the job best. Contact order@nordvalls.se and we will guide you.