Security labels for secure product handling

Those who work with products for the pharmaceutical industry are most likely familiar with how the industry is affected by a large number of rules and regulations for secure and reliable handling. With few exceptions, all packaging for prescription pharmaceuticals must be sealed with a security seal.

With security labels for Nordvalls, you can be certain whether or not a product has been opened.

Secure labels from Nordvalls

Nordvalls has been supplying the pharmaceutical industry with security labels for many years. Our labels in made of a void material are one example of an excellent, secure solution for ensuring that a product is unopened and has not been tampered with. When someone tries to remove a void label, a chequer pattern, or a print with the text VOID is left on the product. The label material has an acrylic based adhesive that is available both with and without a luminescent varnish.

In addition to void material, we offer solutions adapted to your particular product. Fibre-tear labels are one example of such a solution. Fibre-tear labels work by the outer surface of the capsule to which the label is applied shredding and sticking to the label when it is removed.

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