Two sided labels and double sided labels

Do you have a product that you would like to supply with a bit more information than can fit on a normal label? Then a two-sided label or double-sided label may be what you need. With several printable sides, your label can contain, for example, both essential information and in various languages. These labels can open using tabs and can, of course, be resealed.

The appearance of the two-sided label and double-sided label is reminiscent of a normal label. Unlike a normal one-sided label, a two-sided or double-sided label has two or more sheets or pages applied on top of the adhesive base label. These sides are applied using an adhesive that can be opened with a tab and resealed again. Several different formats and colours are available.

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Double-sided labels – extensive information on a label

When you have a lot of information to convey about a specific product, a double-sided label may be the ultimate solution. A base label has a leaflet attached to it, for example in the form of a package leaflet.

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