Nordvalls – quality that lasts

Nordvalls is a printing company that has been operating for many years. A lot has happened since 1907, when our founder, Victor Hugo Olsson, started the company in Sjöbo in southern Sweden. In our 113 years in business, we have learned that customers appreciate a knowledgeable supplier that values long-term relationships and collaboration. Self-adhesive labels is our focus and we supply them with knowledge, quality and service.

Nordvalls have three production facilities, one in Sjöbo (HQ), about 40 kilometers from Malmö, one in Bjuv just east of Helsingborg and one in Nässjö a bit further north. Nordvalls have one customer service department on each facility and one Pre-Press department in Sjöbo and one in Bjuv. 

Nordvalls Label Group

Throughout the years, Nordvalls has become Scandinavia’s leading label supplier and through acquisitions, Nordvalls Label Group was born.
Subsidiaries within Nordvalls Label Group are Watermill Press, and Kölle Etiketten Gmbh. Nordvalls Label Group has a 100 M€ annual turnover (2023) and employs approximately 300 people. The group has great experience and knowledge in labels, a substantial variety of printing techniques, modern printing presses and share a customer-oriented focus.

Part of the Possehl Group

Nordvalls has been part of the Possehl Group since 2017. The Possehl Group is a group based in Lübeck in German consisting of eight business segments that are financially independent of one another. The Possehl Group also encompasses 160 subsidiaries in about 30 countries. In financial year 2018 the group had a turnover of around EUR 4 billion. The Possehl Group has around 12,000 employees globally.

Liselott Widerström_Nordvalls Etikett

Nordvalls – a sustainable offer

Self-adhesive labels from Nordvalls are well-made labels, manufactured by printers who have many years’ experience. Here you can find everything from multi-coloured labels and two-sided labels to security labels and clear labels. We know that it can be both difficult and confusing to know what type of labels work best in a certain business or for a particular purpose. That is why there is always someone you can ask for advice, and we are happy to guide you towards the best result for you as a customer. 

Nordvalls – on the customer’s side

Our customers usually value the service we offer and our willingness to ensure they are completely satisfied. We are delighted about this as we are dedicated to always providing good service and, obviously, supplying high-quality products. Our customers are our partners. We believe in and value long-term, sustainable relationships with them.

Labels can be both a small and a large part of a product or packaging. Regardless of size, the label is often very important. There is seldom scope for problems. We know labels. Choose us for a reliable, knowledgeable and flexible label supplier that is on your side.

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