Group, Passion, Service

At Nordvalls we summarise our values in the abbreviation GPS. We let our GPS guide us in how we act towards each other and in how we conduct our work. GPS also guides us in our work with and how we treat our customers, suppliers and everyone else we come into contact with. Here you can read about what we mean when we say GPS.

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At Nordvalls we show respect and understanding of each other’s work. We trust that our colleagues are knowledgeable, skilled and doing their best. We know that everyone is contributing to our collective result and we support and help each other to make the work easier and smoother. This benefits us, our customers, our suppliers and others. We believe that collaboration and open communication allows us to achieve shared goals. Together we can achieve almost anything, as long as we collaborate and take responsibility for our work. The group mentality at Nordvalls makes our work easier and more fun. We help each other out. For the sake of our own and everyone else.


We believe that feeling a sense of passion and joy about our work helps us do a better job. It contributes to a better work climate and helps us to collaborate. Those of us who work at Nordvalls are proud of our work and of our colleagues. In order to ensure that everyone who works here develops in our work and delivers products and services of a high quality, we believe that it is important to dare to think outside the box. We thrive by constantly trying to find new and efficient solutions to our customers’ needs and challenges. The passion we feel for our work makes us committed and motivated. We support our colleagues and praise each other in good times and bad.

Camilla Göland, Nordvalls Etikett
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High quality labels in combination with long-term relationships with satisfied customers are a factor that contributes to success for us at Nordvalls. This is dependent on those of us who work at Nordvalls being thorough and attentive to our customers’ needs and challenges. We care about our customers’ results and we want them to be happy with the products and services they purchase from us. We also want our customers to perceive us as reliable, positive and knowledgeable. For us service means that we understand our customers’ situation and prerequisites. We see the whole picture. We combine genuine knowledge about printing production with an understanding of the unique circumstances of the label and the customer. To us, that is service.