Reduced loss with anti-theft labels from Nordvalls

One way to counteract theft and shoplifting is by using an anti-theft label. Anti-theft labels from Nordvalls consists of a label with an alarm tag applied between the facing material and the underlying label. The alarm tag is applied after the label has been printed with the aid of equipment that is custom-made for this purpose.

An anti-theft label can be applied to many types of products and particularly to products that are prone to being stolen.

Like RFID but with an active tag

The alarm tag is like an RFID tag but with one essential difference. While the RFID tag is a passive tag that uses the current in the signal from the reader, the alarm tag is active and contains its own source of current. As the anti-theft label is constantly transmitting a signal, an alarm is set off if the label and the product to which it is attached pass through a sensor without having been scanned.

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