Nordvalls – labels for everyone

Nordvalls is working towards being the leading supplier of labels. Through close collaboration with our customers, we offer smart label solutions, from idea to finished product. As a broad and comprehensive printing company, we want to be part of shaping the present and future of label and packaging solutions. With dedicated employees who have ambition and a great passion for their work, we print labels for everyone, today and in future.

Nordvalls Etikett
Nordvalls Etikett

Equally important regardless of size

The label is often a central and important part of a piece of packaging, but it can also be an identifier in a production flow or a guarantee that a seal is unbroken. The label can vary in size, format and area of use but very rarely in its significance to its customer. We know this as Nordvalls. That is why more than 200 employees work single-mindedly so that those of you who choose to order your labels from us will have a reliable, knowledgeable and flexible label supplier.

Together we create value that lasts.